The session of healing femininity is a full session dedicated to healing, revitalizing and blossoming intimate parts of a woman.

In my experience, in spite of so many textbooks, articles about sexuality and its meaning, women do not know how sexuality is fulfilled. The most common reason is a strong thought system that separates them from the feeling of the body. They also do not know what meaning and influence on emotions, contact with the environment, the ability to create fulfilled relationships has full contact with their body.

What’s more, most textbooks still approach sexuality more from the male than the female side. We will not change conversations.  Only your own experience can change the world.

All Ladies, I invite you to touch sessions with acupressure and meditative massage to activate the woman’s fullness in life and in life – including the opportunity to learn about G, loosening the pelvis, vaginal mapping, postpartum scar massage sessions – YES TO FEEL ME. Especially recommended at the beginning of sexual life, after childbirth, stressful situations, as well as moments of flowering of your sex life.

Women are invited to:

  • Education and consultation in the area of healthy sexuality
  • Learning to express yourself and build borders
  • Consultations on masturbation
  • Help in getting to know and accepting your body (including intimate parts)
  • Exploring your femininity
  • Education about intimate parts of the partner’s body and the principles of their functioning
  • Feminine mapping – acupressure of intimate parts highly recommended for every woman
  • Tantric massage
    Deriving sexual energy from the lower abdomen and managing it so as to reduce menstrual tension and create satisfaction and joy of sexual life.

Consultations are held on a 60 or 120 minute basis.

The topics discussed during the meeting are tailored to your individual needs.