“Healthy mind in a healthy body“, so we offer the following sessions:

1.  TAO TANTRA TOUCH  – massage of tenderness and understanding, it’s author s massage based on tantric massage, bioenergetic and tao massage

2. TOUCH LOMILOMI NUI – massage of loving hands for Hawaii

3. TOUCH FOR TWO – massage for a couple performed by two masseuses


  1. WOMAN’S HEALING – healing and acupressure of intimate parts of a woman
  2. MEN’S HEALING – healing and acupressure of intimate parts of men
  3. DISARMING THE FEELING BODY – releasing the flow of vital energy

For several years I have been fascinated by bodywork – fascinated by how fast and how much it can change our health and harmony. I believe that a sensitive, mindful touch is a wonderful remedy for most of our sorrows, civilization diseases, fatigue, and a way to maintain vitality and strength.
Often unknown and underestimated by many people in Poland and in the world.

The main principle of the touch of sensitivity and understanding is working with the body, so as to deal with man as a whole, let loose muscles, release negative emotions, stress and return to a state of natural harmony and health.