Touch full of love

is an irreplaceable way of communication between close people. It makes us feel loved, safe and peaceful.

This is one of the necessary forms of communication to be healthy, happy and full of strength. The body is a temple that allows you to express trust, respect and love.

Providing a sensitive touch leads to deep, fulfilled relationships; lack – creates loneliness, gaps in the flow of energy, disturbances in human functioning, even entire societies. For such a touch to occur, it is important to have open communication in a relationship that understands the emotions of a woman and man’s bravery.

Sensual massage for couples with coaching on the principles of communication it is:

  • an opportunity to develop relationships,
  • stimulate the flow of life energy,
  • refresh forgotten moments of closeness,
  • the flowering of love in a relationship, which leads to health and harmony.

It allows for internal peace, relaxation, well-being, release of blockades and stress, and enjoying the flow of energy and excitement. sensual is a separate practice of developing relationships on a deep level of bodily and spiritual experience or part of a love act. Performed together with a partner, it brings positive results on the way to achieving unity in a relationship and a healthy life.

It is a proprietary method developed by us using the practices of experienced sexologists, masseurs, tantra experts.

For whom training in sensual massage:

– for young couples to get to know each other and to spread their wings in a relationship

– for long-term couples to deepen the relationship and be able to experience new feelings in the relationship

– for couples who want to re-awaken intimacy.

The course of sensual massage for couples includes 2 or 3 meetings lasting about 2 to 3-3.5 hours / meeting. The cost of the meeting is 450-800 PLN. It is run individually for a couple.