All women are invited to:

  • Education and consultation in the area of healthy sexuality.
  • Learning to express yourself and build borders.
  • Consultations on masturbation.
  • Help in getting to know and accepting your body (including intimate parts).
  • Exploring your femininity.
  • Education regarding intimate parts of the partner’s body and the rules of their functioning.
  • Feminine mapping – acupressure of intimate parts highly recommended for every woman. Help to reduce menstruation, open to feeling, relax after childbirth 🙂
  • Tantric massage.
  • Deriving sexual energy from the lower abdomen and managing it so as to reduce menstrual tension and create satisfaction and joy of sexual life.

Consultations are held on a 60 or 120 minute basis. The topics discussed during the meeting are tailored to your individual needs.

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