LOMILOMI TOUCH, also known as the massage of loving hands or the touch of cat paws, is based on natural techniques of working with the body, close to freedom and simplicity flowing from nature. For some, this meeting with yourself, for others a session of full relaxation or a way to rebuild health.

Performed by special flowing techniques, it is a kind of dance on the body, very attentive, gentle or strong depending on your needs. The Lomi Lomi temple massage, practiced in Hawaii for hundreds of years, is passed from generation to generation so that people can use the healing power of touch .

This massage previously performed only by kahunas – teachers, shamans was used to remove tensions and charge the body and spirit with energy often in many hours, even all day sessions. Therapy was combined with dances and healing songs. In the 1990s, some kahunas decided to pass knowledge about it to the world – recognizing that the current neurotic, full of fears and diseases require healing.

Now we can give it to you. It is a symbol of acceptance and favor for other people.

Massage time: 90 min / 120 min. Massage cost: 240 PLN / 280 PLN