TAO SENSUAL TOUCH SESSION – it’s a deep work with the body and feelings; it is a therapeutic massage based on tantric massage, sensual tao massage and energy massage. It combines elements of body sexology, acupressure, intimate parts and flow orgasm.

It is a touch that brings energetic revival, openness to life and inner peace.

A. “BEAUTIFUL FLOWER” MASSAGE – is an original therapeutic massage dedicated to Women. It opens women to their inner essences and the feeling of the world, the use of their potential, sensitivity and power.

B. “POWER OF THE TREE” MASSAGE is an original massage dedicated to Men. It opens men to a new feeling of the whole body, freeing the flow from the hips to the heart, and opening the possibility of a flow orgasm. Opens Men with strength and tenderness.

What happens during Tantra TAO massage:

Delicacy and strength – combining these two qualities in an intuitive tantric massage will take you on a journey, during which you will experience what you need the most at the moment. Your Body is a holy space for us, full of life that still speaks to us. Intuitive massage is the art of presence and consent to what is. This is a conscious look without any grades, without limits. It’s loving hands, tender or strong!

Intuition. Sensitivity. Power. Intuition is communication for us.  This session brings deep relief and letting go of the emotions associated with the acceptance of your own body and the experiences that block us in the intimate sphere. Effect? – expanding body awareness and contact with yourself. The massage is based on many years of experience in therapeutic work in the field of sexuality. It is distinguished by a meditative attitude and a deep respect for the body.

Contact Acceptance Opening of the life energy flow – in cooperation with the masseur in the field of breath we awake the energy flow, also called the tantric orgasm, deep orgasm. If you are ready for it, you will open up to new solutions in the area of ​​sexual intimacy. Allow yourself to deeply loosen your body, set in motion the “energy of life” and balance it in your whole body. Awake and release your creative potential, regain the causative power! 🙂

Attention! Sensual tao massage, tantric massage does not have to cover intimate parts of the body. Can be, but it is not necessary. Your limits are sacred to us.:):):)

We have a short conversation before each body session, during which you will be able to inform us about your fears and needs.

Special offer:

Women –  Specially for ladies we offer sessions of health massages of intimate parts of the body – including the opportunity to learn about G and ejaculation as well as sessions postpartum scars massage. Pelvic acupressure with the release of tensions in the area of ​​intimacy. See Femininity Healing.

Men – Special for men we offer a healing massage of intimate parts of the body – including prostate massage. Acupressure of crotch area, prostate with release of tensions in the area of ​​intimacy. See  Masculinity Healing.

How to prepare?

In the bodywork parlor you will get everything you need from us, so do not worry about anything. You will also be able to take a shower before and after the massage. Hygiene is the foundation for us. Before the session eat well lightly, without heavy meals and do not use alcohol.