SEXUALITY is the power that creates our world, we are born from it. It is a life power that allows us to be vital, it builds our personality, health. I teach all people that our body is sacred, sexual nature is natural and needed for joy in life. I teach you to re-connect with touch, our intimate parts, heart, and letting go of grades in this topic.

HEALTHY SEXUALITY for me it is sexuality from A to Z, from Acceptance to Understanding.

Sexological Body Therapist is education and sexual development through a body session,
training and massages for women, men and couples

It covers two areas:
1. Developing sexual life for Women, Men and Couples and learning about its various possibilities
2. Help how to remove the trauma from body and sexual problems.

What can you get?

  • restore health, feel and contact with the body
  • acquire the skills of working with your own excitement for harmony
  • pass between destructive and supportive excitement
  • strengthen the work of individual body organs to avoid diseases related to intimate parts
  • get to know new possibilities of feeling and understanding of the world

If loving is the art, then:

Do you know how to open 3 GATES of man’s pleasure and 4 GATES of a woman?
Do you know how not to limit yourself to excitement in the pelvis but feel all body?
Do you know the differences between the excitement/arousal of a woman and a man?
Do you know the possibilities of a flow orgasm that gives you strength and health?
Just raise your sex FOR A HIGHER LEVEL